This e-tool is a collection of stories from the field of development cooperation to serve as food for thought about diverse responses to similar concerns. With a story from Latvia being coupled up with a story from elsewhere in the World we show how one story of striving for better lives can play out differently in different realities.

Humanitarian assistance


Heart in Ukraine

Nadežda Hercoga from Alūksne, a town in Latvia, initiated a campaign for humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian refugees and committed herself to support one refugee family in Latvia.

From Home to Safety

Most of the volunteers working for the Civil Initiative Vostok SOS know themselves what it is like to be a refugee.




Do not be surprised if the first thing you notice when entering the parking lot of Getliņi landfill on a Thursday morning will not be heaps of waste, but a queue of people – several metres long – in front of a huge glass greenhouse.

From Ashes to Brickes

The construction industry has expanded rapidly in Mongolia in the recent years, but little attention has been paid to the environmental impact of the industry.

Community resilience


Building Art

Rise Foundation is a small, flexible NGO providing targeted support to the most vulnerable and recreational projects for the refugee and internally displaced populations. Rise Foundation is a non-religious, non-political organisation, seeking to support those most in need, without bias.

Beverīna Municipality

Beverīna Municipality is situated 120 kilometres from Riga, the capital of Latvia. It includes three parishes: Trikāta parish, Brenguļi parish and Kauguri parish.

Good governance


The web portal

What do you do if you are not satisfied with the increase in public transportation fares? And what do you do when you are sure that the electoral system has to be changed?

People of Power

People in Nepal find ways to make sure local governments work for the benefit of their people.



Returning Migration

NEXUS service centers help Moldovans “migrate smarter, return better”

Lives in Latvia

Cricket is the most popular sport in India.

Food security


Responsible shopping

City dwellers voluntarily join into groups to collectively buy organically grown and produced food directly from farmers on a weekly basis.

Mindful markets

Green Alternatives And Peace Movement across Uganda

Human Security


Island of luck


Monitoring for peace

Volunteers across Timor-Leste monitor security situation across country to provide early response to conflict



For neighbor and the world

Every first and third Sunday of the month for seven years in a row, many people from Riga, Valmiera, Cēsis and other cities and municipalities go to Straupe, a small parish, to meet the local producers and buy the fresh produce directly from the farmers.

Inhuman trafficking

Project on strengthening civil society in combating human trafficking in Mongolia



Women in business

Raimonda Ribikauska, Chairwoman of the Board at LLSUAF, emphasizes that one of the most important achievements is that women dare to start their own business.

A prettier look at life

UP Nicaragua – a space for at-risk girls to produce and sell handicrafts and learn along the way

Gender equality


Woman to woman

MARTA Centre shares its experience and contributes to promoting integrity of Uzbek women and strengthening families in Uzbekistan.

Rights to abilities

Talking about reproductive rights of women with disabilities.



Varakļāni for Guatemala

In the spring of 2014, the students of the 5th, 6th and 8th grades of Varakļāni Secondary School created the campaign Help someone! Varakļāni Secondary School for Guatemalan Families.

Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

“Environmental Education of youth in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park Region.”



Freedom to explore:

Kārlis Lesiņš makes videos and movies, which help Latvian people look at the events and developments in other countries from a different perspective.

Information against all odds

A story of a continuous struggle for the freedom of information in Azerbaijan


There are many sides to a story.
We live in a world where everything is connected. People, food products, technology, hurricanes, arms, mutual support, information - all travel across borders.
People around the World share aspirations and concerns – we all want to lead better lives, but the events around the world impact each one of differently. Often, living a better life is up to the person herself, but sometimes – cooperation, learning and sharing resources is important to advance faster and more effectively.
Global development is about seeing more than one side to a story – not to propose a ready-made solution to someone's life, but to ensure there are many means to an end. Those manifest through learning, sharing and adapting to local realities that, what works.
Global development is not only about the relationships of Global North and the rest of the world, it is about learning from stories around the World.
This e-tool is a collection of stories from the field to serve as food for thought about diverse responses to similar concerns. With a story from Latvia being coupled up with a story from elsewhere in the World we show how one story of striving for better lives can play out differently in different realities. And what all of the stories show is that development is not a question for the rich and the mighty, it is about how small actions can bring about change.

We thank all the contributors of the stories to this case book and look forward to expanding it to show even more examples to learn from and work with.


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LAPAS is an idea community, where those interested in global issues and connections of local-global dimensions meet, discuss and act. We stand for fair and balanced development of all people around the world and ways to reach it without abusing the precious resources of our planet.
LAPAS provides support to its members, advocates for smart and fair solutions for development, informs wider public on issues reaching beyond the borders of Latvia.
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